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Advocacy Initiatives for the Preservation of Wolf and Wolfdog Populations

One of Our Current Presentations

Our programs are all designed to help us in our mission of preservation through education, responsible stewardship, and rescue. We are committed to continuous improvement of our programs in addition to regular reviews of program effectiveness.

Guardians is proud to offer the following programs:

Wolf Therapy Programs

It is said that the very first bond between man and animal is the wolf.

Guardians of the Wolves offers wolf therapy programs for all walks of life. Veterans with PTSD, women of domestic violence and rape. Drug addiction therapy , school programs with at risk youth, children with special needs. Private one on one sessions as well.

We have in the past partnered up with school districts, Wounded Warriors, Together Empowering Women , Hospice , assisted living and many one on ones.  

We are about to embark on a facility to bring all this healing to our own location amongst our pack in a beautiful private setting where nature meets the element of the healing with wolves. 

School Educational Programs


Supporting Ambassadors For Education

Continuing the legacy of Ambassador SAGE

The S.A.F.E program is our Ambassador program launched in May of 2021.  Our primary focus is creating a network of working Ambassador Animals dedicated to preservation through education, advocacy and therapy.   All ambassadors within the program go through rigorous training for not only the animal but also the human counterpart ensuring the highest level of true ambassador work.  

Our current face of Guardians of the Wolves is Ambassador Rosemary.  Rosemary is a 2 year old, high content wolf dog who has been training since 5 weeks old.   She has been educating, advocating, therapy work and dispelling the myth of the big bad wolf.


Coming Soon

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