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Guardians of the Wolves

The Heroes Who Contribute Greatly to Our Advocacies

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April 5th, 2006 – January 30, 2021

Ambassador Sage

For those of us familiar with Sage’s work, she needs no introduction. Together with her human-counterpart, Sage built a legacy as an educational ambassador.

From countless assemblies, appearances, film work, media, print, and promotions to being present when the California Department of Fish & Wildlife debated the future of wolves in California, Sage has set the bar high for Ambassadors everywhere.

Although she is no longer with us in the physical realm, her spirit empowers us and inspires us to carry on the beautiful legacy she helped to create.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassador in Training (Rosemary)

 Rosemary is a high content wolfdog who will continue will continue the wonderful legacy of Ambassador Sage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambassador in Training (Drogo)

Drogo is a mid content wolfdog that is on his way to becoming a great ambassador.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ambassadors are a crucial part of Guardians of the Wolves. Their influential abilities touch the lives of children and adults alike, be it a chance interaction in public or a panel of government officials. It is our privilege to be stewards to these animals and be given the chance to have them assist us in our mission of preserving the legacy of wolves everywhere.