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An Organization Built on

Passion and Dedication

We seek to end the prejudice against wolves and wolfdogs. We do this through a three-part approach to preservation. 

Our Mission

Preserve the legacy of wolves and wolfdogs through education, responsible stewardship, and rescue.

Here at Guardians of the Wolves, we envision a world in which wolves and wolfdogs are afforded the right to survival and protection; and a community that treats these animals humanely, with respect and kindness.

In order to achieve that vision, we are focusing on three key areas:


You cannot preserve a legacy without first changing the misconceptions that many have about wolves. They have long been portrayed as villains in the wild and with our Ambassador program we hope to change their image, give people a chance to get to know the real wolf, and highlight the ecological importance these animals have in their natural habitat.

Preservation through Education


Wolves cannot speak for themselves and it is our job to stand up and speak for them. We are all stewards to the environment, responsible for the use and protection of the land and the animals who dwell on it. Wolves play an important role in the ecological balance of the environment and we speak on their behalf to ensure they have the place nature intended for them.


Unfortunately, there are times when captive-bred wolves and wolfdogs find themselves in a situation where they need help. Often times people are unaware of the challenges of keeping these animals and they end up being passed from home to home, end up in a shelter, or abandoned. We make a difference by networking with rescues and sanctuaries all over the world to place these animals somewhere safe.

How Can You Help

We can’t do this without your support and we mean that. Every contribution counts,
whether it is a monetary contribution or a little of your time.

We would love to welcome you to the Guardians family in any capacity.
Please check out ways to get involved and donate if you can.

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