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We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational organisation created to promote the best understanding of the special relationship between ``man`` and wolf.

About Wolves

Below are Some Fun Facts about Wolves.

The Ancients

Wolves existed 1.5 Million Years ago, during the past Ice Age!


Many wolf species are now extinct, such as the Dire Wolf, Tasmanian wolf, Japanese wolf, and the Florida Black wolf.

Land of the Free

Not long ago, there were over 1 million wolves living in 49 US States.


Today, there are about 5800 wolves in 13 of the contiguous states, including the only remaining 45 red wolves in NC.

What We Do

Below are Small Explanations of our Available Programs


We work with Private Schools and Institutions as well as Public. We have worked with some of America’s Largest School Districts, like LAUSD (the Los Angeles Unified School District), Phoenix Union and many others.

the VA

At Guardians of the Wolves, we work with our Wounded Warriors! Service Men and Women are returning home with scars, some you can see like those that are from physical pain but its the scars we cant see that make the most impact. It’s those scars that we help heal with the power of nature.. the power of Wolf love.


It is a long established fact that animal therapy is one of the strongest, most durable types out there. We have seen many people who otherwise didn’t respond to traditional therapy methods, light up and truly have an amazing experience.


Special Events can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re celebrating a Wedding, Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary or any other special occasion or event that you would like to leave a mark on… or rather, a paw on.


The wolves love to come out and strut their stuff! They know how beautiful they are, let them show you… they may even surprise you with just how regal they are.


University, College and Higher Education Programs. Study or Work closely with one or many of our wolves. We have programs designed to better improve your understanding of the Canis lupus and its genome family.

Trails & Tails

Special Outdoor Excursions with the Wolves. Come take a hike and explore their world through their paws. Learn, have fun and make new friends!

  • 3 hour day hikes..
  • Outdoor Workshops.
  • Learn Leadership Skills
  • Learn more about yourself..

Outdoor animal therapy has been proven to improve the lives of those involved.

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Wolves We Work With

Miles Traveled to Defend Wolves

Cups of Coffee for the Humans

Lbs. of Salmon for the Wolves

Our Pictures

Wolves are truly magical creatures all their own, click here for more images, video and more of our four legged friends. This area is sorted by image type.

Our Awesome Team

This is what makes us so great, meet our humans and wolves!

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