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Meet the Individuals Behind

Our Organization

The passionate members who make up the Guardians of the Wolves’ dedicated team each bring unique experiences to the organization. Though everyone serves a different role, each person is committed to helping preserve the legacy of the wolf.

Lori Wynn

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lori has a strong background in accounting, the construction industry, and is a land use consultant writing conditional use permits, and rezoning.

In 2002, Lori acquired her first wolfdog, an upper content spirited black phase male wolf dog named Lobo. Lobo was her first of many teachers for her in order to learn the way of the wolf. As Lobo turned three years old, she realized that he needed a companion. Therefore she reached out to her breeder in order to acquired Sage. Sage went on to become one of the most accomplished female Ambassadors in the world. Together they began doing off-site presentations for a sanctuary in Southern California. Educating and advocating that there’s no such thing as a big bad wolf. Being involved with a few sanctuaries Lori had the passion in her heart to form Guardians of the Wolves. Together with her and the great Ambassador Sage they hit the road in order to spread their wisdom. They spoke at wolf management meetings in California held by the California Dept of Fish and Wildlife, in order to ensure that the first pack that entered California in 2011, known as the Shasta pack, was protected. Lori has completed 100’s of educational presentations on wolf conservation, wolfdog history and educating the public on responsible ownership. Lori has facilitated hundreds of rescues, always putting the needs of the animals first. Lori also has a deep passion for wolf therapy. Witnessing firsthand how these animals can save lives from trauma. One of the most soulful projects Lori was part of was being in council with the 13 indigenous Grandmothers along with her wolfdog Willow, on an Indian reservation in Lame Deer, Montana, to heal the blood-stained land at the massacre site near Little Big Horn.

Guardians of the Wolves is a heart project for Lori and to continue the great legacy of Ambassador Sage with Ambassador Rosemary, a high content wolfdog born April 30th, 2021, four months after the passing of Sage. Sage passed at nearly 15 years of age and together Lori and Sage made an impact on 100’s of thousands of lives.

Together they have laid down their wolf tracks, making a positive impact in the world. 


Ray Jones

Vice President


Krystalynn Gordon

Krystalynn has had a strong love of wolves since doing a school report on them in the 4th grade. She has dedicated herself to wolfdog rescue for nearly five years, having worked with more than 60 wolfdogs in the process. Krystalynn fell in love with and adopted Echo in 2018 as a completely feral creature coming out of one of the largest and most egregious hoarding situations the wolfdog community has seen. Through years of love, patience and dedication Echo has blossomed into a thriving family dog and ambassador for her kind. Most recently Krystalynn headed the GOTW Rescue Response Team traveling to Alaska to rescue four F1 Wolf Hybrids; and through the process welcomed Gunnar into her forever pack. Krystalynn hopes to ignite a love of wolves and a better understanding of wolfdogs though education, advocacy and sharing the rescue stories of some very special wolfdogs.


Angie Van Cook



Crystal DeSantiago

Over 20 years experience as a animal handler ( from exotic animals to common pets to livestock) and 8 plus years in security work. Passionate in both fields. Currently studying working my way up the ladder to achieve my animal law degree. Very professional and hardworking, always show up to work on time, often stay late and pick up additional hours to help out. Very efficient in managing large numbers of employees, teach : de-escalation, verbal judo, basic hand gun, first aid, first response, report writing, contraband and drug paraphernalia. I come from a extremely strict, career military family. I have my DD214 medical discharge from the army in which my mos was military police. I have three years with Providence police department corresponding training, mainly focusing on canine unit and mounted unit training and handling. Graduated from the Rhode Island state police citizens Academy in 2021. I have also assisted with many animal cruelty investigations and cases undercover since 2016. My soul animal is a wolf an I’ve always tried to advocate for them and tried to help educate the community about them. Wolfdogs and hybrids are something that I am continually learning about. Formally I was the district manager for Ness and currently I am a training manager for DTA Security, and a animal Cruelty investigator in CT. I also run a business, in which I rehabilitate and train, aggressive dogs and breed an show Rottweilers. Will be relocating to Florida, in which I will be opening a DTA Security Branch and a pet café.



Director of Development and Rescue

McKenzie has been involved with animals her whole life and has always had a passion for wolves especially. After discovering a wolfdog rescue near where she resides in Minnesota, she quickly became very involved and hands-on with the wolfdogs. This became her place of peace and building special bonds. She has continued to serve as a consistent, strong asset where she  raises funds for vet appointments, food and supplies, and transportation costs to ship wolfdogs to their new homes. She also volunteers at two humane societies and fosters dogs, so she understands the different operations of rescue. She is the proud mom of a Siberian Husky and a wolfdog. Her goal and objectives are to protect wolfdogs against their misrepresentation while saving as many as she can with the teamwork of her fellow trustee teammates. 

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